Reptile and Amphibian Fencing

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Reptile and Amphibian Fencing

About Project

EHM has recently been involved with a large amphibian fencing project in East Sussex. This involved erecting over 2 km of fencing across agricultural land to allow for a reptile and amphibian translocation. The fencing consisted of the standard HDPE panels but also included a much more versatile fence made of polypropylene which being less rigid is more easily installed. It is also readily available and has significant cost savings compared to the standard rigid panels.

For this job we had to mobilise quickly and manged to get the fencing erected and traps installed to allow the translocations to be carried out at the right time of year. A mechanical trencher attached to a small Avant tractor was used for the majority of the fencing.  We also carried out significant vegetation clearance following a method statement and under the supervision of an Ecologist. The fencing will stay in position for 3- 5 years to allow the works to be carried out. The work was completed efficiently, safely and to the client’s satisfaction.

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