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National Grid Substation Landscape & Ecology Work

  • Bolney sub station- tree planting
  • Bolney sub station- tree planting- monitoring visit
  • Wildlife exclusion Fencing at Ninfield
  • Wildlife exclusion Fence installation at Ninfield
About Project

We have been working with National Grid providing landscape and ecological support to two large sub-station extension projects in Sussex at Ninfield and Bolney. The work has been extremely varied and primarily consists of helping with the creation and maintenance of wildlife mitigation areas and the installation of reptile and amphibian exclusion fencing. At both of the sub-stations a large scale reptile and amphibian translocation project was undertaken. As part of the licencing requirements wildlife mitigation areas were created on NG land adjacent to the sub-stations. This principally involved the creation of new woodland areas as well as, at Bolney, the creation of three new ponds and a wildflower meadow. Log piles and hibernacula were also added to the translocation receptor sites to provide additional habitat enhancements.

At the Ninfield Sub-station we erected over 2 km of reptile and amphibian exclusion fencing across agricultural land to allow for a reptile and amphibian translocation. The fencing consisted of the standard HDPE panels but also included a much more versatile fence made of polypropylene which being less rigid is more easily installed. It is also readily available and has significant cost savings compared to the standard rigid panels. This fencing remained intact whilst the works were carried out with EHM providing regular maintenance visit to inspect the fencing and carry out any repairs as necessary. Before the works commenced we carried out a destructive search and soil strip, on completion of the species translocation, mobilising the necessary plant, operators and ecological supervision. At the completion of the works we returned to site to remove the fencing, providing ecological supervision, with most the fencing material able to be re used on other projects.

At Ninfield we also provide ecological enhancement such as log pile and hibernacula creation to the receptor sites. Following the completion of the main works we were also tasked by the client to carry out some necessary footpath repairs as well as installing around 1km of new stock proof fencing around the perimeter of the site.

At Bolney substation we have been assisting in the re-planting of some woodland areas that had been created as part of the wildlife mitigation strategy. The work principally involved the re planting of tree whips in a accordance with a detailed specification replacing trees that had been previously planted (by others) but had failed.

At Bolney we have also carried out regular maintenance visits ensuring the newly planted trees are appropriately maintained. We also carry out regular monthly visits and compile a report on the condition of the wildlife mitigation areas monitoring their establishment and suggestion necessary maintenance actions.

For all this we have had to mobilise quickly, on occasion, and work with a number of different contractors on large scale construction sites. All work was completed on time and to the required standard in a safe and efficient way.

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