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Heathrow Airport Biodiversity Management

  • Causeway Nature Reserve- Heathrow Airport
  • Heathrow Airport Biodiversity Sites
  • Biodiversity Benchmark Award Wildlife trusts
About Project

EHM has been providing ecological support to Heathrow Airport for a number of years helping to maintain and manage the Heathrow Biodiversity Sites as well as ensuring the airport retains the coveted Biodiversity benchmark Award ( The Heathrow Biodiversity Sites contain a variety of different habitats which support a number of different species, some of which are considered important at local, regional and national levels. Some of these sites are fully open to the public, and enjoyed by the local community, with some having partial public access. Other sites are associated with Heathrow’s extensive Pollution Control System and contain large areas of wetland habitats.

The management of these sites is varied and requires the compilation of individual site Biodiversity Action Plans. We incorporate a number of traditional and modern habitat management techniques on the sites including the use of grazing animals which are acquired from the Surrey Wildlife Trust. We work closely with Heathrow Airport and are based within the Engineering environment team. Within in this wider team we help with the airports ISO 14001 award assisting with the audits and maintaining relevant sections of the Environment Management System. We are also involved with increasing the amount of community involvement in the biodiversity management and helping to promote the biodiversity management to a wider audience.

To help with the biodiversity management at Heathrow we supply a full time ecologist, Adam Cheeseman, who is based at the Airport within the Engineering environment team. Adam helps to compile the site biodiversity action plans and carries out regular ecological surveys on the biodiversity sites. Recently we employed two Biodiversity Conservation Officers, Charlotte Alanine & Charlotte Burgess, to oversee and assist with the on site management. The BCOs provide an approachable presence on the sites and are a key part of expanding the community engagement part of the biodiversity management. We also provide managerial support, through James Webster, overseeing all aspects of the biodiversity management and maintaining the biodiversity management system.

The biodiversity management at Heathrow is a rewarding challenge involving a variety of activities. Some of the personnel involved from EHM have been involved in one form or another for over 10 years which provides an excellent background to the area. It is gratifying to be involved with long term biodiversity management and know that you are contributing to something effective.

For more information on how EHM could assist you with gaining the Biodiversity benchmark Award for your business please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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