EHM conducts Ecological work at Lydd Airport

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EHM conducts Ecological work at Lydd Airport

About Project

EHM have been given the contract to carry out a number of ecological surveys at London Ashford Airport at Lydd in Kent. We are responsible for helping to discharge a number of planning consents ahead of a proposed expansion of the airport. The work involves updating baseline data on a number of species found on the airport and the surrounding area.

The airport is surrounded by some beautiful scenery and partly sits on a SSSI. EHM will also be helping the airport to establish an appropriate Biodiversity Action Plan and organising a committee to help oversee its implementation with relevant stakeholders. The airport itself contains a number of interesting ditches and ponds with a large part of the site resting on ancient shingle associated with the Dungeness area. The site is known to contain a number of reptile species and support Great Crested Newts in some of the ponds.

It is an interesting project to be involved with and the long term benefits of the BAP are potentially very good for the wildlife in the area. 

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