EHM assists with Bioidversity Benchmark Award

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EHM assists with Bioidversity Benchmark Award

  • Princes Lakes
  • James Webster (left) and Adam Cheeseman (right) during the audit at Heathrow Airport
About Project

EHM has been providing ecological support to Heathrow for a number of years helping to maintain and manage the Heathrow Conservation Sites as well as ensuring the airport retains the coveted Biodiversity benchmark Award ( We supply a full time ecologist, Adam Cheeseman, who is based at the Airport as well as managerial support from James Webster. In addition to this support EHM has assisted Heathrow with including a new site, Princes Lakes, in to the Biodiversity Benchmark Award.

Princes Lakes was recently acquired by the airport who wished to include the site in their biodiversity management to ensure the important habitats and species present on site are appropriately maintained. Princes Lakes is a large (c78 football pitches) wildlife-rich site that is 98% wetland habitat. EHM worked closely with the team at Heathrow to ensure the site was ready for the initial audit by the Benchmark assessor.

The assessment was a success with the auditor reporting; “The speed with which the site has been brought up to standard for a Biodiversity Benchmark assessment is testament to the work and knowledge of EMH Ltd and Heathrow Airport Ltd's commitment and biodiversity management system.”

For more information on how EHM could assist you with gaining the Biodiversity benchmark Award for your business please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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