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Airfield Habitat Management and Landscaping Support at London Heathrow Airport

  • Heathrow airfield, CAP 772, Airfield habitat
  • Ground maintenance, contract management
  • Newly reinstated grass area at Heathrow, airfield reinstatement,
  • Heathrow, landscape maintenance
About Project

We continue to have a close relationship with Heathrow Airport provide a range of afield and landscape services. EHM has been engaged as the airport’s landscape consultant. This involves supporting the airside and landside engineering teams in monitoring the contractor performance and future landscape improvements.

We provide support and oversight to the ground maintenance contract for both airside and landside areas. Airside we provide support to the airside team to ensure the airfield habitat is delivering the necessary requirements under CAP 772. This involves regular site visits with the contractor assessing compliance with the specification and organising the schedule. We also attend meetings with the senior airfield team and provide advice and training to airport staff.

Landside we support the grounds maintenance contractor to deliver the necessary specification helping to organise the maintenance schedule and carry out site visits to assess compliance. The Heathrow landside landscaping converse a large area and consists of a variety of different species and types of landscaping. We organise and attend regular performance review meetings with the contractor and the airport.

We continue to provide best practice advice to capital projects and airfield op’s on reinstatements taking place within the airfield boundary. We support Landside engineering liaising with Landside development making sure Landscape standards are met.

We previously assisted the airport in re-tendering the grounds maintenance contract. This involved updating the contract specification and schedules for both the airside habitat maintenance, landside passenger facing areas as well as the conservation sites which form part of the Heathrow Biodiversity Benchmark Award from the Wildlife trusts. We helped to ensure that the revised contract met the needs of the airport that they receive the required quality of service whilst maximising resources.

We assisted the airport in upgrading of selected grass areas on the airfield. The upgrade of the grass areas involves replacing the existing grass with a grass mix that has been specifically selected to ensure an effective long-grass policy on an airfield. This includes producing a specification for the works and project managing of the contractor. In total another 10 hectares has been upgraded.

We are also currently working on updating the Heathrow landscape Specification to help bring more cohesion to the landscaping at the airport and to ensure that the landscaping is appropriately reinstated following projects. This is an exciting project and will provide an important document that will hopefully be relevant for a number of years.

If you would like any more information on how EHM can assist you with airfield habitat management or general landscaping advice please do not hesitate to contact us.


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