Plan Great Crested Newt Surveys Now!

Plan Great Crested Newt Surveys Now!

Though it may seem unlikely at the moment, with the cold and grey weather, Great Crested Newt Survey season will soon be upon us. The recommended survey season for Great Crested Newts approaches with the inevitability of Christmas. If you require or are likely to require Newt surveys this year it is worth booking them early to avoid any possible delays.

Typically around 4-6 surveys are carried out in the spring of suitable Newt breeding habitat. If you are planning a development the suitable habitat is normally identified during the Phase I, or similar habitat appraisal, survey by a competent ecologist. If a development is likely to impact a suitable Great Crested Newt pond or terrestrial habitat then a mitigation licence from Natural England is likely to be required which will require suitable surveys. As the surveys are season, as well as weather, dependent it is important that they are planned to be carried out in plenty of time.

If you are unsure if you are going to require a Great Crested Newt survey, and you have not done so already, it is worth having a Phase I survey carried out. These are normally required as part of a planning application. A Phase I survey will assess all the habitats on a site as well as their potential to support protected or notable species.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a Great Crested Newt Survey or a Phase I survey.